Italian Greenwich Village Map


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Italian-American South Village


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In the mid 1850’s there was only a trickle of Italian immigrants into Greenwich Village still msotly English and Dutch . By 1880 there were only 43,200 Italian immigrants in the whole of the United States. By 1881 some 307,309, and by 1890 651,901 Italians had immigrated to the United States. In the first decade of the 20th Century (1900 -1910) more than 2 Million Italians immigrated to America, and it kept growing. Some Italians immigrated to New Orleans and Chicago, but most immigrated to the East Coast, to New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, with New York being the most popular destination. 

Large amounts of Italian immigrants immediately made there presence feslt in the Catholic Church. In New York City the first few thousand and then tens of thousands settled in Lower Manhattan neighborhoods. A large Italian enclave developed in South Greenwich Village between Canal and Hoston Streets.

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Thompson Street Greenwich Village 1911 (from Colliers Magazine)

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by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke





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