Sinatra Sicilian American Museum Sicily

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Lercara Friddi, SICILY

A museum dedicated to Frank Sinatra to remember with a touch of ‘pride that the origins of’ Italian-American most famous in the world were Sicilian. The municipality of Lercara Friddi, from which the The Voice grandparents left for the New Continent, pays tribute to his “fellow citizen” with the most illustrious My way Fest. Now in its fourth year, the festival dedicates each year to Sinatra concerts, conferences, gastronomy and even a singing contest. But the big news this year ” s inauguration, scheduled for today at 18.30 in Piazza Duomo (Palagonia room), the museum dedicated to Frank Sinatra. The creators of the project are Antonio Licata and Gianfilippo Geraci that expose their idea for the ‘set-up: “Many fans would like us donations, like a jacket worn by the singer or a rare disc, and with the creation of the Museum we can begin to collect everything that concerns the great Frank – explains Geraci – Initially, the museum will be hosted by the municipal library and then move to a ‘wing of’ century Villa Rosa, building under renovation which will be delivered by 2012, which will also house the archaeological museum Lerch ‘. Nell ‘waiting, the Sinatra museum opens with a photo exhibit that traces the history of those who, like Frank’s grandparents emigrated in search of fortune. “Sicilian d ‘America’, in fact, illustrates through the three sections (” Frank Sinatra “,” The lercaresi “and” The Sicilian d ‘America “), the story of’ Sicilian exodus in search of the American myth, the first impact with the New World, the difficult path d ‘inclusion and the life of the Sicilian communities in the US. In the rooms you can also admire historical prints, birth certificates, baptism and marriage of The Voice grandparents and some panels that recreate the ‘family tree and family history. Frank Sinatra was born to Sicilian and Italian mother’s father. His father, Antonio Sinatra (1894-1969), although born in Palermo quickly became Anthony Martin since the family is forced to emigrate to the United States. Frank’s mother, Natalina Garaventa (1894 – 1977) on the other hand, was a native of Lumarzo, the country of ‘Ligurian hinterland, once in America is registered as Natalie Della and becomes Dolly.Anthony and Dolly know in New Jersey and later moved to Hoboken, the city where Frank was born and now houses the Frank Sinatra ‘s Museum. “Even in Lumarzo – he explains the lercarese Festival coordinator – for four years, organized a tribute to Frank Sinatra and twinning with them Sunday evening we will organize a direct telephone between the mayors of the two municipalities.” L ‘goal of the two municipalities, in fact, is to transform the countries of pilgrimage for fans, enthusiasts and curious. That’s why the two mayors, a joint letter, they decided to ask for a cultural twinning the city of Hoboken. L ‘goal of My Way Fest, in fact, is to become an event of the international level. “In the museum there will be room for one of Frank’s jackets, the video spot that turned for Baci Perugina, a chair set and many other relics that so many people want to give us – says Geraci – but we will appeal to all fans of world to help us enrich it as much as possible. Meanwhile, there will be a space dedicated to all the books that have been written about him. Each year we host a different author. ” Today, in fact, at 19, still in Cathedral Square will host the conference “The myth Frank Sinatra” with Sara Favarò writer who will present the book “My name is Frank Sinatra – An Italian-American legend” of American studies professor the Iulm Francesco Meli, associate Professor of American Culture and Literature – and a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at New York’s Columbia University. But a festival dedicated to the most important voice in the world could not forget the music. “We managed to give life to the band My Way – says Geraci – and we started the competition” The Voice “. ‘ Tonight, the 21 will perform the seven contestants selected in Sicily and tomorrow the festival will end with the ‘exhibition, at 21.30, the Larry Franco Quartet consists of Ilario De Marinis (bass), Guido Di Leone (guitar), Enzo Lanzo (drums) and Larry Franco (piano and vocals), winner of the ‘Italian Jazz Award “, sa va sans dire, will perform a concert-tribute to Frank Sinatra. The Festival My Way is inserted in the’ scope of events Province in Festa 2011 of the Province of Palermo. “we are committed to the maximum – said Geraci – in the future we hope for greater support of the institutions, because having alongside the region could turn into reality our dream is to be able to invite the Sinatra family (grandchildren , cousins ​​and American descendants) to participate in our event and make them discover their country of origin. “Sinatra in Sicily, however, is tied to a great concert that the singer memory He held in Palermo in 1987 at the stadium of the Favorita: a huge crowd, a great success and a return to basics.





The same town that FRANK SINATRA “S father Antonio Severio Sinatra is from, as well as

famed Mafia Kingpin, one SALVATORE “LUCKY” LUCIANO



Rosa Saglimbeni nata a Lercara Friddi e deceduta in 28 febbraio 1928 ad Hoboken , New Jersey.
Sposata con Francesco Sinatra nel 1880 a Lercara Friddi. Ha avuto 7 figli: Isidoro, Teodoro, Salvatore, Giuseppe, Saverio Antonino ( papà di FRANK ), Angela e Dorotea.
La domenica mattina del 12 dicembre 1915 alle 05,30 era nella casa di suo figlio Antonino in Monroe Street, perché stava per nascere il bambino che sarebbe diventato una leggenda.
Il parto si pres


Thank you grandma rose!
Rosa saglimbeni born lercara friddi and deceased on 28 February 1928 in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Married Francesco Sinatra in 1880 Lercara Friddi. He had 7 Sons: Isidore, Theodore, Salvatore, Giuseppe, Saverio Antoninus (Daddy Frank) Angela and Dorothea.
Sunday morning of 12 December 1915 to 05,30 was in the house of his son Antonino in Monroe Street, because he was to deliver the baby that would become a legend.
Childbirth approached very difficult right now, so called the doctor, who was late in coming due to the snow fell during the night. Just arrived the doctor realized the situation was very serious had to make a decision: to save the mother or the baby?
Desperate last resort was to take the forceps and try to be better.
Unfortunately forceps cut half face of baby who now lifeless not even issued a vaggito, put the baby on the table and I dedicate the mother. But was there grandma Rosa, that by the power of love of grandmothers who reached, took the baby and threw him under the running water from the tap, that burst frozen baby issued immediately pouring a scream…… and since then Never stopped shut up!!! was born Frank Sinatra!!!
Sounds like a fairy tale, but this is exactly what happened that morning.
She was born the legend!

Grandma Rose was daughter of: Salvatore Saglimbeni and Angela I strong both Lercara Friddi, great-grandparents of Frank Sinatra.

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