KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL   “The Greatest Book Ever Written on The Inner Workings of The Restaurant Business”


Anthony Borudain’s new show Parts Unknown will premier on CNN on Sunday April 14 .. I can’t wait. Either you hate Tony or love him, I’m in the later group but I can defineatelty understand people not going for Bourdains’s brand of Food Journalism, Tony can too, beleive me, and he really doesn’t give a F_ _ _ … It’s his snarky, cynical in-your-face opinionated brand of reporting that has gained him a legion of fans and made him a Rock Star Food-Writer / Food Show Host .. Tony was on the Travel Chanel and made a big hit with his hugely popular show No Reservations after a brief stint with The Food Network, which Tony Hated, and one more reason if you are serious about food and the whole culture you will love him even more, I do, yes The Food Network Sucks, Big Time .. They have mnade a Food Network, and it should be good and have quality and integrity, and it doesn’t, “It Sucks.” The quality of the programming on The Food Network is absolutely “Horrible” and caters to mindless _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, “I’m not gonna say it, I might catch a lot of flack, but you fill in the blanks.” Tony is right!
Anyway, away fom that awful Food Network and on to Quality TV as No Reservations was (“I miss it”) and we are sure Parts Unknown will be. It has t o be, it has got Tony, the man who wrote the greatest insider book on the restaurant business that has ever been written. The book that made Tony and rocketed him onto the scene. The book Kitchen Confidential is a classic and a must for any serious restaurant, gourmand persons interested in food and dining. Bravo Tony, and good luck with the new show. We’re sure you’re gonna knock it out of the park.

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


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