Great Restorante Pizzeria in Napoli










THIS PIZZA Was AWESOME !!! As Good as Any in NAPOLI ..

Da Marino is a wonderful Restorante Pizzeria that serves Awesome Neapolitan Food and Great Pizza as well … It’s not as famous as Pizzeria Da Michele where Julia Roberts ate Pizza in  “Eat Pray Love”




At Da marino with My PIZZA

I stumbled upon Da Marino one day when I was walking around Napoli looking for a good place to eat  .. I popped my head into Da Marino to see how it looked .. The place looked promising so I decide to give it a go (good move). The hostess / cashier greetedd me and told me to take a seat anywhere I liked .. I picked out a good table against the wall by the Jersey of Diego Marradonna and other players of Team Napoli Futbol Team .. A waiter came and brought me a menu. I looked over the menu of many great Neapolitan Classics and settled on he Insalata Frutta di Mare (Sefood Salad) and Spaghetti Vongole (Spaghetti with Clam Sauce). I also ordered a small carafe of Falhangina (local White Wine).

The waiter brought me me wine and I was a happy camper. I took a sip and it was absolutely marvelous, and would make a great complement to myseafood meal to come. I sat and relaxed, sipping the Falhangina and watched the the large  family Neapolitan family across from me enoying the fine Sunday Meal. The waiters kept bring them platters of food, one after the other, and I must admit I was getting a bit jealous that I wasn’t a part of their great feast. They seemedto be having such a wonderful time and I just sat there sipping my wine and enjoying seeing this large Italian family having such a good time.

The waiter brought me my Frutta di Mare, and it looked absoutely spectacular. The salad was filled with Octopus (Pulpo) Calamarri, Mussels (Cozze), Shrimp, and Clams and it looked just perfect. And yes I was write from the looks of it, this Insalta Frutta di Mare was absolute perfection. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I finished the Frutta di Mare, the my waiter brought me a plate of Spaghetti Vongole, the likes I had seen not too many times. This Vongole was like the Frutta di Mare that proceeded it “Absolute Perfection” all the clams perfecty cooked with a little Pepperoncino, Garlic, Olive Oil, parsley, and a few Cherry Tomatoes from the local soils of Mt Vesuvius. Now this was Heaven, I was in a wonderful little restorante in Naploli near The Bay of Naples eating a delicious plate of Spaghetti Vongole while drinking some tasty Falhangina.

Well I finished and made my way tho the bathroom. As I was heading there, I approached the Pizza oven and Pizzaiolo making Pizza. Dam those Pizzas looked good! I came out of the WC and was chatting with the Pizzaiolo.. We had a nice little chat and the Pizza looked so good that I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t planning on Pizza, and my Antipasto and Pasta were just perfect. But the Pizza looked so good, I just hadd to get one. I ordered a pizza with Sopressata. And yes, it was fantastic, and I was still in 7th Heaven in Da Marino Restroant / Pizzeria (Npales, Italy)

June 2015




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