Daniel Bellino Zwicke is Italian American New York


There lives in New York City’s Greenwich Village Italian neighborhood an author named Daniel Bellino Zwicke .. Daniel is the Best Selling author of much loved Italian Cookbooks as Sunday Sauce, Grandma Bellino’z Italian Coobook, La Tavola, and The Feast of The Seven Fish / Italian Christmas  … There is no other Italian Cookbook author quite like Daniel. For one Daniel was a real restaurant chef helming the kitchens of some of New York’s finest restaurants as well as creating America’s FIRST Ever Venetian Wine Bar / Restaurant (known as a Bacaro).

In writing such beloved Italian Cookbooks as Segreto Italiano, Sunday Sauce, and The Feast of The Seven Fish, Daniel is famous for 3 main aspects in writings of Italian Food and Wine. The three great aspects of Daniel’s unique writing style is the great love and passion Daniel has for his subject matter, his unique storytelling style and the ease, authenticity, and accuracy of his recipes. Daniel Bellino Zwicke has carved out his own special niche in his food and cultural writings and that is that he has now established himself as the undisputed pre-eminent writer of Italian-American Food Cooking and Culture. And Daniel Bellino Zwicke is without question the world’s number one proponent of Italian-American Food and Cuisine as a true and legitimate world cuisine.

Daniel’s fans and followers are enamored with Daniel’s Italian Cookbooks which combine wonderful Italian Food Recipes that are coupled with delightful stories and facts of the food, the recipes, history, and people’s of Italian-America. So we salute this Greenwich Village based food, wine, & travel writer and recorder of the Italian-American lifestyle one Daniel Bellino-Zwicke.




Anthony Roma





# 1 BEST SELLER Amazon.com 



Look for Daniel’s soon to be Released MANGIA ITALIANO

BOOKS by Daniel Bellino Zwicke are Available on AMAZON


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