Best Spaghetti Carbonara in New York and Rome Italy Bucatini Amatriciana




John’s of E. 12ths Street

So you absolutely Love SPAGHETTI CARBONAR? You have a hankering for it and was wondering who makes the Best Carbonara in the ccity of New York? look no further than East 12th Street and John’s of 12ths Street in the East Village. John’s has been turning out great Italian Food in what once was a neighborhood that was highly populated with Sicilian immigrants when the restaurant opened its doors more than 110 years ago in 1908 … Sicilian immigrants like Charles “Lucky” Luciano his family and peers. Luciano’s family came from the same town in Sicily as one Martino Severino Sinatra ( father of Frank), as well as 2nd generation Sicilian-American and Best Selling Italian Cookbook author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke whose grandparents Giuseppina Salemi and Fillipo Bellino immigrated to New York in the Year 1904 …

Spaghetti Carbonara is not a Sicilian dish, but a dish of Rome and Lazio. The dish was most likely not served at John’s until sometime between the 1950s and 70s, we’re not really sure, we do know that it was on the menu by at least the late seventies if not before. We also know that John’s makes one of the best plates of this dish in all of New York, if not the # 1 very Best of all. Try it yourself and see if you agree. 

We can also tell you that John’s makes great Baked Clams Oreganta, Spaghetti & Meatballs and other dishes, including, without question the # 1 Best version of Speedino alla Romano in all of New York. This is fact.

John’s is a wonderful restaurant that thankfully has kept all the original decor of 1908 intact, from the old tile floors, wood bar, terrazzo side-walls and painted murals of Italian Citys and their landmarks, like; Venice, Naples and Mount Vesuvius,  the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Rome.

Yes we are quite fortunate to still have John’s old Italian restaurant to go to, places like this are a great part of the faric of our wonderful city. Sadly we have lost some great old Italian Red Sauce Joints like; Rocco’s of Greenwich Village, Gino’s of Lexington Avenue, Lanza’s around the block from John’s and De Roberti’s Pasticceria both of which were Sicilian owned and over a 100 years old each before they both sadly closed in the past few years. But you can still go to John’s, and a few other old joints, like Volare and Gene’s both in Greenwich Village and Beamonte’s in Brooklyn.



Trattoria Danilo


Are you going to Rome? Looking for the Best Carbonara in the Eternal City? Trattoria Danilo is considered to make the best Carbonara in town.

Via Petrarca 13, Roma, Italy  tel . 39 06 7720 0111



You can make it home ! The RECIPE is in SEGRETO ITALIAN, Secret Italian Recipes ..





Stories of Italian Food




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READ about JOHN’S, Lanza’s , and DeRoberti’s, 100 Year Old Italians in the East Village of New York, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and New York Italians





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