How to Make a Gabagool

Gabagool !!!

 Mob Guy # 1: “Hey Paulie, I got some Gabagool !!!

 Paulie : “Hey you STUPID JERK !”

This is part of a scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s famed Italian-American mob-movie The Godfather. The scene is during Connie Corleone’s Wedding to Carlo. Paulie and Mob Guy-1 are assigned by Sonny to be guarding the outside of the Corleone Compound from any unwanted intruders (FBI, rival gangs, anybody).

Mob Guy # 1 got a couple of Gabagool Sandwiches from one of the cooks preparing the Wedding Banquet for Connie and Don Corleone’s guests at Connie’s Wedding. Paulie and Guy # 1 can’t eat with the guest, but they are hungry. “Hey they’re Italian-American!” And Gabagool will definitely fit the bill. Gabagool, aka Gabagul, or similar, is an Italian Salumi pork-product made from the neck-meat of a pig. There are several variations of the name, including; Capicola (most common), Ham Capicola, Coppa, Capocollo, and Capicollo.

“Gabagool” is slang for Capicola? It is not “slang” but Neapolitan dialect that many Italian-Americans use for Capicola, including Tony Sopranos and those real-life guys who don Big Pinky Rings.

A Gabagool Sandwich

So you wanna make a Gabagool. The preferred sandwich is on Italian Bread or a hero-roll from a great Bread Baker like, Parisi Bakers in New York’s Little Italy. Then you gotta get the Gabagool! You get yourself top-quality Capicola from your favorite Pork Store, Satriale’s if you’re in North Jersey, at Di Palo’s in Little Italy, or Faicco’s if you’re downtown New York and Greenwich Village or at their Brooklyn outpost. You’re gonna want Provolone or Mozz, I prefer Provolone. Get some peppers, Hot Cherry Peppers like Tony, Paulie, and Silvio, or as others like myself, with Roast Sweet Peppers. That’s all you need. To make a Gabagool Sub, you need a good sub roll or crusty Italian-Bread, and Gabagool (Capicola) of course, thin sliced Provolone, and either, Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Prosciutto (Proshoot), or Sopressata if you like. Put the Gabagool, Provolone and any other if any Salumi product on the bottom half of your bread, top with shredded Iceberg Lettuce, add a slice of ripe Tomato, then thin sliced Red Onion, and sprinkle on Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, Olive Oil, and Red Wine Vinegar and “you’re set!” Set if you don’t want it “Hot.” If you do? Then again, get yourself some Hot Italian Cherry Peppers and throw them. That’s a Gabagool Sub.

   If you want just a Gabagool and not a Sub, get a nice smaller roll, some roast red sweet peppers (or Hot), the Capicola, and sliced Provolone. Pile everything on between the bread, and Voila, you’ve got a Gabagool, just like Tony.

 Excerpted From SUNDAY SAUCE  by Daniel Bellino Zwicke …  Available on

PS … For a great Gabagool Sandwich in New York, go to either Parisi’s Italian Deli in Little Italy, or Faicco’s Italian Specialties (Pork Store) on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, for the best Italian Sandwiches on God’s Good Earth! 

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                                         Parisi Deli Bakery

                                                      Parisi Deli Bakery”GET a GABAGOOL”

                                                            GET A GABAGOOL !!!   

Learn How to Make a GABAGOOL

by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

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Me And My Gabagool

Me And My Gabagool

Me and my Gabagool, I just Love it! Gabagool that is. Otherwise known as Capicola,Capocollo,Capicolla, and Ham Capicole .. Gabagool (Capicola) is a Italian Salumi porl product made from the pork neck or shoulder .. Unlike Salami, which is made of ground meat mixed with ground pork fat that is seasoned, salted and cured, Capicola is a whole piece of meat similar to prosciutto in that it is cured in a whole piece. Italian-AMericans particularly love their Gabagool and Gabagool Sandwiches either as part of a Sub Sandwich with Provolone, Salami, lettuce,onions, tomatoe, Olive Oil and Vinegar .. Some get Capicola with Provolone and Hot Peppers or the same without the Hot Peppers. I love Capicola with just Provolone or Gabagool & Egg with two scrambled eggs with 3 slices of Sweet Gabagool. Some like their Gabagool Hot, I prefer it sweet. Not that it is sweet with sugar, just that it’s not hot .. You can make Gabagool & Egg Sandwiches like I saide with a couple scrambled eggs and a few slices of Capicolla on a small hero or Kaiser Roll or Italian Bread .. OR you can make Gabagool & Egg by chopping the Gabagool and cooking it in a little olive oil and then add the eggs and scramble the sauteed Capicola inside the scrambled eggs and you can have it with Swiis or Provolone CHeese or not .. Anyway you make the Gabagool, it’s always good and much loved. Bon Apettito di Gabgool.

Gabagool is Neapolitan dialect for Capicola, a Salumi pork product made from the neck of the pig.

Gabagool is Neapolitan dialect for Capicola, a Salumi pork product made from the neck of the pig.