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Bolognese Sauce. You gotta just love it. It’s one of the greatest things ever, oh-so-tasty and soul satisfying. Do you know it? Have you ever tasted the Real Thing? Well here it is, in all its glory and wonderfulness that is a properly made Ragu Bolognese, rich, lush, Soul Satisfying and oh so fantastic, it’s Bolognese! Sorry I’m going on-and-on, but that’s the affect this wonderful thing called the Bolognese, has on one. It’s just so wonderful and blissfully delicious. So, whether you’ve ever had the real thing or not, here it is. If you are one who has tasted a properly made Bolognese then you must now be in love with it, that’s a given with all its deliciousness, you no doubt crave it all the time. Well now you can make. This Famous Secret Recipe of which I was taught to make form my former boss Chef Pasquale when I was working as a cook some 25 years ago.

Excerpted from RAGU BOLOGNESE – The Secret Recipe and More …

by Danny Bolognese

How to Make a Gabagool

Gabagool !!!

 Mob Guy # 1: “Hey Paulie, I got some Gabagool !!!

 Paulie : “Hey you STUPID JERK !”

This is part of a scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s famed Italian-American mob-movie The Godfather. The scene is during Connie Corleone’s Wedding to Carlo. Paulie and Mob Guy-1 are assigned by Sonny to be guarding the outside of the Corleone Compound from any unwanted intruders (FBI, rival gangs, anybody).

Mob Guy # 1 got a couple of Gabagool Sandwiches from one of the cooks preparing the Wedding Banquet for Connie and Don Corleone’s guests at Connie’s Wedding. Paulie and Guy # 1 can’t eat with the guest, but they are hungry. “Hey they’re Italian-American!” And Gabagool will definitely fit the bill. Gabagool, aka Gabagul, or similar, is an Italian Salumi pork-product made from the neck-meat of a pig. There are several variations of the name, including; Capicola (most common), Ham Capicola, Coppa, Capocollo, and Capicollo.

“Gabagool” is slang for Capicola? It is not “slang” but Neapolitan dialect that many Italian-Americans use for Capicola, including Tony Sopranos and those real-life guys who don Big Pinky Rings.

A Gabagool Sandwich

So you wanna make a Gabagool. The preferred sandwich is on Italian Bread or a hero-roll from a great Bread Baker like, Parisi Bakers in New York’s Little Italy. Then you gotta get the Gabagool! You get yourself top-quality Capicola from your favorite Pork Store, Satriale’s if you’re in North Jersey, at Di Palo’s in Little Italy, or Faicco’s if you’re downtown New York and Greenwich Village or at their Brooklyn outpost. You’re gonna want Provolone or Mozz, I prefer Provolone. Get some peppers, Hot Cherry Peppers like Tony, Paulie, and Silvio, or as others like myself, with Roast Sweet Peppers. That’s all you need. To make a Gabagool Sub, you need a good sub roll or crusty Italian-Bread, and Gabagool (Capicola) of course, thin sliced Provolone, and either, Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Prosciutto (Proshoot), or Sopressata if you like. Put the Gabagool, Provolone and any other if any Salumi product on the bottom half of your bread, top with shredded Iceberg Lettuce, add a slice of ripe Tomato, then thin sliced Red Onion, and sprinkle on Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, Olive Oil, and Red Wine Vinegar and “you’re set!” Set if you don’t want it “Hot.” If you do? Then again, get yourself some Hot Italian Cherry Peppers and throw them. That’s a Gabagool Sub.

   If you want just a Gabagool and not a Sub, get a nice smaller roll, some roast red sweet peppers (or Hot), the Capicola, and sliced Provolone. Pile everything on between the bread, and Voila, you’ve got a Gabagool, just like Tony.

 Excerpted From SUNDAY SAUCE  by Daniel Bellino Zwicke …  Available on AMAZON.com


PS … For a great Gabagool Sandwich in New York, go to either Parisi’s Italian Deli in Little Italy, or Faicco’s Italian Specialties (Pork Store) on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, for the best Italian Sandwiches on God’s Good Earth! 

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Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.26.29 PM

                                         Parisi Deli Bakery "GET a GABAGOOL"

                                                      Parisi Deli Bakery”GET a GABAGOOL”

                                                            GET A GABAGOOL !!!   

Learn How to Make a GABAGOOL
by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke




Dom DeMarco & DiFara Pizza Brooklyn

DiFara Pizza 
 Dom DeMarco
“Yes,” Eating Pizza Made by The Maestro DOM DeMARCO
Is a Religious Experience !!!
Much has been said of the now famed Pizzeria (DiFarra Pizza) on Avenue J in Brooklyn, New York the Capital of Thee Best Pizza in the whole United States of America, bar-none, even Manhattan. Brooklyn lays claim to the Top two Pizzerias in the country, the top of the list 1 and 2, number 1, The Best and number 2, the second best. Well no, I don’t know if I should put it that way, as it sound s as one is better than the other, which is not ht e case, as they are both equally good, equally Great and equally the Best Pizza and the Best Pizzerias in the United States, though they are are little different than one another. The Pizza at both Totonno’s on Neptune Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York and Di Farra Pizza on Avenue J in Brooklyn are both otherworldly specimens of some the Finest Pizza on other and the Undisputed Best Pizza in America.
Wow, got off on a tangent about both Di Farra and Totonno’s when I just intended to talk about Di Farra Pizza, Dom DeMarco the Maestro of Di Farra’s and the Religious experience that it is to go there, watch Dominic masterfully make Pizza after glorious Pizza (without the help of anyone else), to watch in awe and anticipation and Salivation til you finally get yours (after about a hour or hour and a half wait), you hold it in your hand like a precious baby, and then to sink your teeth into it, savoring each wondrous bite after the other. “Yes,” it is truly a religious experience, that is, if you are a great lover of this wonderful invention, created in Napoli, spread throughout the the Italian Peninsular and then across the Atlantic to America from Italian Immigrants where Gennaro Lombardi opened the First Pizzeria in America on Prince Street in New York City some 100 years ago or so.
Back to Di Farra and Pizzaiolo Extraordinaire, Mr. Dominic DeMarco. It is Dominic that makes Di Farra what it is, it certainly isn’t the Pizzeria itself which is ultra plain and even appalling to some. Mr. DeMarco’s pizzas are just about as close to absolute perfection in the Pizza Making World, a world in which New York City excels and has only one rival in Naples, Italy and the whole of Italy itself. Mr. De Marco has the magic touch, with perfect dough, the perfect balance of ingredients, tomato and other ingredient ratio to cheese, and this include Mr. Demarcos judicious use of Olive Oil which is right-on and a little magic touch that whoever complains about it, just does not know there Pizza and Italian Food on a whole. We Italians love our olive oil. And those who complain are unaware that it is a condiment that adds the final last touch to many dishes before they are eaten. Dominic knows this and should not be discourage against his generous use of it by those who do not understand the proper essence of the Italian Table. So please, keep your traps shut, if you don’t like it don’t eat it, this countries finest examples of the Pizza Art.
And on to the religious experience of Di Farra, Dom DeMarco and the mans artistry with Pizza. There is nothing quite like it in the entire Pizza World. There does not exist, to my knowledge any place in the world that has an elderly man making a hundred plus Pizzas a day in a place that has endless lines, day and night. Pizza that are so perfect, words can not describe People line up for greatness and artistry, and for a couple of slices of the most marvelous pizza this side of Naples, and to watch this passionate little old man work his heart out, not getting, not allowing anyone else to make a pie at his beloved Pizzeria. The man is elderly. He’s worked his whole life. He makes such a magical thing that people line up each and every day to see him and eat one of his many masterpieces. With business like this, he could hire to other Pizzaiolos to help him, doubling or tripling his business and and financial intake. He could hire two guys and make pizza aloing with them, or sit back and get three guys to do it. At his age, he’s entitled to. But know, Dom DeMarco loves what he does, he loves his Pizza, each and every one that passes that counter and into thousands of appreciative hands. The man feels that no one else can make a Pizza the way he does and wants to serve to his customers. No one else who has his skills, his passion and love for the Pizza, thus he does it all himself. And this my friends is the reason that going to Di Farra’s to watch Dominic the maestro in action, all by himself while hundreds of people line up every day, waiting an hour and a half to two hours just to get a Pizza (not just any old Pizza mind you). “It’s a Religious Experience.” Truly! A show and there is nothing like it in the World, Dom DeMarco, a man and his Pizza, America’s Best, and something to rival that other World Pizza Capital, Napoli.
by Daniel Bellino Zwicke







Where Has The PANNINI NAZI Gone ???

ALIDORO on Sullivan Street Soho
Formerly “MELEMPO” and Home of Alessandro
The Panini Nazi
aka Sandwich Nazi
Where has The Panini Nazi Gone? This is a question, some of the age of 35 and over in New York’s Southern Greenwich Village and Soho might ask. Others too, in other New York neighborhoods who made it over to a great little sandwich shop called Melampo. Melemapo is now diseased  No longer in business. The owner, one Alessandro Gualandi, also-known-as “The Panni Nazi” ran his little sandwich shop on Sullivan Street between Spring and Prince Streets in what is now known as Soho, but for me and many “like” me, this is still known as The Village. Alessandro came to New York from Florence Italy. He used to work as a waiter at the famed Florentine Restaurant in New York “Da Silvano” owned by fellow Florentine Silvano Marchetto .. Alessandro was a hard worker who established himself in New York, saved up some money, then opened his own little heaven, one Melampo Sandwich Shop in South Greenwich Village (Soho) New York …
Alessandro was a passionate man, especially about food as any self-respecting Italian would be. He created his little shop of Hand-Crafted Italian Sandwiches (Panini) .. He made a menu, whereby all the Panini had their own names. Names like; Geppetto, Julia, and such. I can’t really remember all the names. The thing is, Alessandro had rules, and you better abide by them. He was an artist after all. You ordered a Panino (Sandwich) by name, and that was it. What it said on the menu describing the sandwich and the ingredients in any particular one was what you got. If the name was Marcello (named for the late great Italian actor Marcello Mastrianni) and the menu said the sandwich was made of Prosciutto, Mortadella, and Provolone, then that’s what you got. You couldn’t ask Alessandro to leave something off or add something to a particular sandwich. He would not have it. He was a temperamental artist, and you’re not going to ruin the balance of one of his masterful creations by altering it. If you, din’t like it you could leave, “and believe Me many did.” Alessandro could care less, he was an artist. Thus the moniker “Panini Nazi” there was no other. And not everyone knew his name, real or nickname.
Alessandro was a character yes, and many (including myself) loved that about him. Alessandro is still alive. He’s retired. I seeing walking the streets of Soho and going for his morning coffee.
Alessandro and his little sandwich shop “Melampo” became famous. he made great sandwiches and sometimes the line would go out the door. And if you were in line, don’t make any comments for Alessandro to hurry up, he took his time. He was an artist, a master sandwich maker, and you better not say anything to upset him.
Yes we miss him, Alessandro and his little sandwich shop Melampo. the shop is still there. It’s now called Alidoro and run by someone else. It’s much the same, they make good sandwiches, but Alessandro is gone, and so are all the “Rules” and quirkiness. We miss that …
Daniel Bellino-Zwicke
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No Known Pictures Are Known of
Alessandro The PNANI NAZI

New DANTE Not Really Italian

What is It ???
Non-Driven Italian Wine List
Old Patrons Probably Won’t Like It
Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.00.55 PM
The New Dante
South Room Bar
Linden Pride
Caffe Dante’s New Owner
DANTE The new owners, including Linden Pride, formerly of AvroKO, have spruced up the 100-year-old cafe with green leather banquettes, but the space retains a vintage Italian Greenwich Village look with its pressed tin ceiling. The menu is now mostly small plates: beef tartare, burrata, flatbread and cold pasta salad. Italian aperitifs dominate the cocktail list: 79-81 Macdougal Street (Bleecker Street), 212-982-5275
A Picture of Former Caffe Dante Owner
Mari Flotta on the Homepage of The New Dante
The new Dante on Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village is
absolutely nothing like the former beloved Caffe Dante, a caffe
that was a fixture of Greenwich Village for exactly 100 years
before closing earlier this year, when former owner
Mario Flotta sold Caffe Dante to Linden Pride who has been
quoted as saying the new Dante will be very much like the old
one with some changes. “Not” !!! The new Dante looks very nice
although quite different from the former caffe .. The entire concept
of the new Dante pretty much has nothing to do with the old one.
The New Dante has been billed as a Small Plates / Apertivo Bar 
that has little resemblance to anything remotely Italian .. It’s billed
as an Italian Apertivo Bar, yet the Wine list has barely 20% 
Italian Wines in its makeup an the food apart from a few
Italian items, seems anything but Italian.
Although the new owner (s) has stated that the New Dante
will be very much like and in the spirit of the former Caffe Dante,
it seems doubtful that writers & students would be able to go into
the place, get a Cappuccino and sit writing for an hour or two.
The former Caffe Dante was a Greenwich Village Italian Caffe where
people could go just for a Cappuccino or Espresso and maybe a
pastry if they liked, hang out with friends or be there on there own just 
relaxing, reading, writing, whatever ..
There was a rumor that the new Dante would be serving dinner and drinks
at night and that is what customers would be expected to order, and
spend probably a minimum of $30 and upwards, but during the day 
people would be able to just go in for a Cappuccino or Espresso. it seems
doubtful that this will be possible, but time will tell. Time will tell what the
New Dante is, if its successful or not and if it stays the same as the owners
now intend or if it will morf into something else.
Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.00.37 PM
North Side Dining Room
On The Menu